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Our mission is to create long term surfing in Ballinrobe that is of excellent quality, improves/protects the environment and makes life in Ballinrobe better.


The most critical work of the Ballinrobe River Surf Association is to build a safe and high-quality river wave/s.  The BRSA has a number of primary objectives including to: 

  • Build, protect, operate and maintain surfing waves and associated facilities 

  • Protect and/or improve the environment near surfing areas 

  • Develop Ballinrobe surf tourism through creation of good surf waves  

  • Improve and develop surfing safety standards and practices 

  • Improve the experience of surfing 

  • Develop casual and competitive surfing athletes 

  • Promote the sport of surfing 

  • Hold surfing competitions and events 

  • Build public awareness and support for surfing 

  • Raise funds to achieve these objectives 

While achieving these objectives, we foster a strong community in Ballinrobe with positive & constructive values in the water and out.   



Our vision for surfing in Ballinrobe is to build a river surfing wave/s that are world class. We see the wave as a major cultural anchor that brings people together and improve Ballinrobes economy. We see the wave as a way to connect people to rivers and to educate people on the high value of our river environments. We vision athletes training hard at surfing and representing Ballinrobe & Ireland as Olympic and professional surf athletes. 

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